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Chris was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California. Ever since he was young, he had his eye behind the camera and enjoyed making comedy shorts with his friends. He has participated in Improv workshops and has taken film editing classes for Final Cut Pro. Chris graduated from BYU Utah in 2007 and moved back to Southern California to work as a commercial real estate broker. Chris currently resides in Newport Beach with other members of LurkSquad and continues to contribute to all LurkSquad projects.

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At 28 years-old, Nick Spears, is starting to make a name for himself in the comedy world. Growing up in Santa Barbara allowed Nick to create videos with Chris and Adam Marquis as young kids. In 2004, Nick created the sketch comedy group now known as "LurkSquad" with Adam, Chris and Mark. Nick has appeared on MTV and just finished his first role in a feature film due to hit the film festivals next year. Nick began his stand-up comedy career in Boise, Idaho, performing regularly at the FunnyBone. Being a Southern California native, he is now back to pursue his comedy goals in Los Angeles.

After just 3 months of stand-up experience, Nick headlined his first stand-up show July 6, 2007 at Rocks in Santa Barbara, California, performing a 45 minute set. In late July, Nick put out his first stand-up comedy dvd, entitled Nick Spears: Bald & Bankrupt. He has had the opportunity to share the stage with comedians such as Dwayne Perkins, Steve Mazan, Kenny Klein, Chris D‘Elia, Adam Richmond, Sadiki Fuller, Richie Stratton, Jimmie Roulette, Lahna Turner, Thai Rivera, etc. Nick is now focusing his energy and aspirations in the comedy genre’s of sketch, television, movies, commercials and voice over work. In 2007, Nick was featured within the comedy channel of Myspace and is now getting a dedicated comedy channel created within's new site "CRASH.TV". Nick now resides in Newport Beach.

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Garrett was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California and grew up blocks away from Nick, Adam and Chris. At an early age, he found an art for filming and editing and created many shorts during his teenage years (Chessler). Garrett graduated from BYU, majoring in communications. After college, he moved down to Huntington Beach, Ca to work with a marketing company. Garrett is continuing to film and edit movies. You can find a lot of his videos and trailor re-cuts here and all over the web.

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Born and raised in Santa Barbara, California, Adam was introduced to the arts at a young age. Music and painting were his passions as well as enjoying the ocean and other hobbies. Adam has participated in local theater, musical groups and in music production and songwriting in recent years. He has also been involved in action sports film production and has extensive experience in marketing promotions. Adam now works as a Consultant in Downtown Los Angeles. You can hear his music here.

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Mark has always loved the world of comedy. He has done a few comical roles in plays in college and helped start Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo's own improv team called Smile&Nod. It's taken-off in a big way since it was established and that's something he and his friends are really proud of. Mark loves writing and making sketches and Lurksquad was created for us, for you, therefore coming back to us, so thank you. Currently Mark is doing improv in Hollywood at iowest. He is enjoying watching the craft of others as he improvs his own. Mark is not typically a funny person in everyday life, but loves performing. And improv helps get the good stuff flowing. He'll just a keep on a truckin' and a lovin'. Good day folks. 

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